Why does an Astoria OR business need commercial insurance?

If you have an interest in starting your own small business and being your own boss, finding the right place to start and grow your organization is very important. One great place for any small business owner is Astoria, OR. This area of Oregon has a great local economy and has a variety of policies that are favorable for businesses. If you are going to start a company in Astoria, OR, you need to have commercial insurance. 

Allows for Insurance Compliance

One reason why you will want to have commercial insurance is that it will allow you to comply with a variety of different agreements that you sign. Depending on how your business is capitalized and operated, you could have lenders, landlords, and investors that all want you to have commercial insurance due to the protections it provides to all stakeholders. Having a quality and full commercial insurance policy will help you to comply with this requirement

Keeps You Solvent

Even if you are not required to carry it, commercial insurance is a great option as it will help to keep you solvent during challenging situations. The commercial insurance will provide you with both property and asset protection as well as liability protection. This means you will have coverage if your assets are damaged in a fire, if they are stolen, or otherwise damaged. You will also have coverage if you are sued for liabiltiy. In either situation, it can help to keep you afloat during the hard times.

Choosing the right commercial insurance policy is a big choice. Because of this, you should call Linda Dugan Insurance to discuss your insurance needs. The team at Linda Dugan Insurance can help anyone to pick a policy that is right for their organization and gives the necessary types of protection.