What type of life insurance should I buy?

Answering the question "what type of life insurance should I buy" is not simply a matter of saying one type or another. Life insurance is not one size fits all or one type fits all. Deciding what type of life insurance is best for your particular circumstances and time of life is something that is best discussed with your insurance professional. In Astoria, OR that is Linda Dugan Insurance where our experienced staff can help you to make a decision that makes sense to you. 

Before you decide the type of insurance you should buy you need to understand the different types of life insurance available and what you expect from that insurance. 

Whole life

Whole life insurance covers you for your entire life. It accumulates cash value and is a valuable asset and part of overall financial planning. It is, however, the most expensive type of life insurance. 

Term life 

Term life insurance is what the name implies, insurance that lasts for a certain term. It can be a short term or for as long as 30 years. Some term policies can be renewed for an additional term but they accumulate no cash value and make sense for large amounts of coverage for young families. 

Universal Life

Univeral is a hybrid.  It has flexible payments with part of it going to investments so that there is accumulated cash value and it lasts for your entire life as long as you keep up your payment. You decide how much you save. Unlike whole life, your premiums can increase over time. 

Deciding what type of insurance is a big deal. It will affect your lives and budget for years to come. The experienced agents at Linda Dugan Insurance in Astoria, OR look forward to sitting down and talking to you about your life insurance needs. Stop by our office or give us a call.