Astoria, Oregon: Do You Need to Insure Your Boat While Its In Storage?

Once your boat has been removed from the water and appropriate measures have been taken to winterize the boat while it is not in use, you should still consider purchasing a policy to protect it against theft, damage or vandalism while it is in storage. While the risk of damage may be minimal, if it does occur, it can result in several thousand dollars worth of damage. If you still have a loan on the boat from when it was first purchased, the policy will have to remain in place whether the boat is in the water or not.

Most facilities that offer boat storage are fenced in and have security cameras on the premises. That doesn’t stop people from gaining access, however. It also does not protect the boat from damage caused by the weather. Discuss what options you have available to you with your insurance agent. They will be able to advise you as to what type of policy is needed and how much insurance should be purchased to protect your overall investment.

In Astoria, Oregon, the residents can turn to the licensed agents at Linda Dugan Insurance if they have any questions pertaining to insuring their boat while it is in storage. The agents will help you determine what type of insurance you may need as well as how much should be purchased to sufficiently protect your financial investment. There are potential risks for damage, even if the boat is not on the water. Talking to your insurance agent will help you make the best decision towards protecting your assets.