Where There’s Smoke…There’s Damage

Oregon forest and wildfires are a part of life in our state. Some of our most beautiful areas are at greatest risk from these disasters. But you don’t have to live in a forested area to have a home that is at risk of a fire. Fires can result from grease on a stove in the kitchen, from a propane grill, or lightning. They can result from a space heater, an unattended candle, or an electrical short. When a fire occurs in a home, the damage is not limited to items lost in the flames. Soot and smoke damage can be just as, if not more, devastating.

Smoke can quickly travel through your entire home, even if a fire is contained to one room. This smoke can travel through open doorways and vents getting into your carpeting, curtains, bedding and furniture. It can get on your clothing, and onto your walls and ceilings. The cost of eliminating smoke damage can be every bit as expensive as repairing damage from the fire itself.

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