Is Your Roof Covered Like It Covers You?

Those of us who live in Oregon don’t tend to give our roofs much thought. As long as they keep us dry in the rains and protected from the other elements, they are doing their job. Your roof is easy to take for granted. But when you consider their size and the expense of replacing one, you begin to realize how important homeowners insurance is in making sure you keep a roof over your head.

The question is, how well covered is your roof? Is it covered for storm damage? Would your insurance fully cover the total cost of today’s materials and labor in case it would need to be entirely replaced? Does your homeowners policy cover your roof should your neighbor’s tree fall on it? What if it is damaged by ice, or fails under the weight of snow? These are questions to have answers to before a problem occurs.

At Linda Dugan Insurance, we can help you discover these answers no matter where you bought your homeowners policy. You see, we are an independent agency that has access to multiple companies. We are qualified to review homeowners insurance policies from any issuing company. In addition, we may be able to find even more encompassing coverage at a better price. Now that’s worth checking into.

The best part is you can easily see for yourself right online. Visit our website and enter the appropriate information. You will soon get a comparative quote on your homeowners insurance. We think you’ll be pleased with the results. We can also compare auto insurance rates online.

If you would like a review of your homeowners insurance policy, contact Linda Dugan Insurance. Your roof covers you and your family every day. Let’s make sure you have it covered.