Questions To Ask Before Letting Someone Borrow Your Car

Your vehicle is important to you. You use it to get to and from work as well as to complete many other tasks in your daily life. That is why it is especially important to take great care in deciding whether or not you will allow someone else to drive your vehicle.

When a friend or a family member asks to borrow your car, before giving an answer, ask these questions:

  1. Is their license to drive valid? You will want to make sure that they are currently licensed to drive before you give them the keys to your vehicle.
  2. Make sure that your insurance policy will cover someone else driving your car. You may also want to ask if the other person has their own insurance to cover them while they are driving the vehicle.
  3. While you are looking at what your policy will cover, you should also make sure that your policy is currently up to date.
  4. What does their driver history look like? If they are someone who has a lot of speeding tickets or accidents on their record, then you may want to rethink letting them drive away in your vehicle.
  5. What is their purpose in using your car? If they need it for business purposes, your policy may not cover them, but if it is for personal purposes, they may be covered.
  6. How often will they be using the car? If they need it one time, you shouldn’t need to add them to your policy. If they will need to use it a lot, then you should consider adding them to you policy or asking them to get their own policy, with your car covered.

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